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This Week in Amateur Radio International

This Week in Amateur Radio International is a weekly news bulletin service dedicated to news and informations useful to the amateur radio community.

Along with the news, special segments air regulary that may be of interest to amateur radio operators. Some segments of interest include the Gateway 160-meter net report, the Random Access Thought, the Ancient Amateur Archives, and the technology report. Program is 60 minutes in length.

The flagship station for TWIAR International is WBCQ, broadcasting on 7415 Mhz. TWIAR International airs Sundays at 4:00 PM Eastern Time on WBCQ. TWIAR International is 60 minutes in length every week due to time constraints with airing on WBCQ.

TWIAR is available as a podcast, but is NOT SUITABLE FOR AIR ON AMATEUR RADIO (due to music content) and is free to use, protected via Creative Commons license.

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Files are typically uploaded on Saturday nights. If there is a delay, we will try to let our listeners know by way of Twitter, Facebook, and our Mailing List. Please subscribe to them in order to keep up with the latest on This Week in Amateur Radio.

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